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About Aneiraby Puppies

Our aim is to breed a correctly structured dog who is athletic, balanced and able to work. Accompanying a sound body is intelligence and a desire to work. While trying to breed soundness, we have not sacrificed the beauty, kindness and friendliness of a proper Golden Retriever. These are not just great dogs - they're also beautiful, kind friendly & confident.

We pour our hearts into raising well-adjusted healthy puppies. Our rearing and socialisation program is based on Suzanne Clothier's Enriched Puppy Protocol (EPP) 

Aneiraby puppies are socialised from the moment they are born. Raised from birth to be enrichment seekers who enjoy challenges and ready to take on all life's adventures. EPP provides age appropriate stimulation and challenges to develop their minds and their bodies. Raised in our home, puppies receive intense amounts of human contact and grow up in an enriched environment to maximise their neurological development.  Aneiraby puppies are given all the advantages needed for them to grow up to be trusting, fun companions. The result is a coordinated, connected, competent and confident puppy.  


Aneiraby puppies arrive in their new homes with some basic training, puppies are crate trained, well started on loose lead walking (building a connection has come first) and they have a huge desire to learn and a fundamental understanding of the human-dog relationship. Their athletic ability is carefully & deliberately developed through indoor & outdoor challenges from an early age. We look for owners who are willing to carry on this program with their Aneiraby puppy. At Aneiraby we believe that living with free-thinking, self directed learners who are always ready to work with us is the best thing in the world, but it's not for everyone. If you believe that a great dog is one that is quiet and not very interactive you will not enjoy an Aneiraby puppy.  


As any Golden Retriever lover knows, the breed does have some health issues, whilst we don't breed perfect dogs, we try hard to minimise health problems. All of our breeding dogs have health certificates for essential health tests, including but not limited too hip and elbow dysplasia, heart functions and eyes. When we breed a puppy, we make a lifetime commitment and stand behind our dogs 100%. We also recommend late spaying/neutering to allow animals to fully mature and where possible, would prefer vasectomies for males who are not kept intact. All puppies are sold with a contract that obligates you to certain things, welfare of our dogs comes first. 


Raised in our home with all our other dogs, these dogs are bred to be companions & house dogs, not a kennel or outside dog. Prospective buyers are carefully screened Please be aware that all potential puppy buyers will be screened. We have become excellent friends with the people who sold us our foundation dogs and we hope to become friends with all of our puppy buyers too. We are delighted to place puppies in good homes. We don't breed often and there is always a waiting list. We are located in Perth, Western Australia.


If you are interested in buying a puppy or want to learn more, please fill out a puppy expression of interest form and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.


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