Hermione & Parker Pups: Six Weeks Old

Six weeks old! From now until they go to their new homes is the busiest time for puppies, not only for them but also for me.

The puppies are having lots of novel experiences as a group and starting some individual one-on-one sessions. 

Quality, not quantity, matters - to all dogs, but particularly so to puppies. Whether working with a 6 week old, a 6 month old or a one year old, my goal as a trainer and a breeder is to provide a *quality* socialisation experience. All socialisation is done mindfully, with awareness, with specific goals that meet that individual animal's needs.

After their mindful socialisation  the pups are all tired by night time, but their little bodies and minds are full of new experiences & ever increasing skills. It is a joy to watch them grow and learn.

There is a lot of misinformation around socialisation and silly advice, such as: “100 new (positive) exposures in the first 100 days. If your pup is already showing signs of timidity or fear, triple that to 300 exposures in 100 days."

How does that make sense? Would you use 3 times as many snakes to help a person who is  afraid of snakes learn to cope with their fear? Why use 3 times as many of anything for an animal who says "I'm having trouble coping with my world..."  Confidence is built in successful experiences, not numbers of repetitions. Feeling overwhelmed or afraid or unsure time and again just practices that state of being. Pups may learn to endure, but that is a far cry from enjoyment.

Once again a huge thank you to the talented Megan Casas of Images by Megan for the gorgeous shots


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