Electra & Ringo Pups: Eight Weeks old

This week, the puppies go to their new homes. These past 8+ weeks has flown by impossibly fast. 

We cry when they leave us. We cry when so many years later, they reach the end of their journey. And sometimes, when things go wrong, we cry a lot along the way. At every step, we love these puppies.

Our wish is for each pup to sail into the world, as prepared to enjoy life as we know how to make them, carrying their genetic strength and a rich reference library, with strong bodies and confidence in who they are. Above all, we send them out with the sure knowledge that people are kind, that people will listen *and* hear them with their hearts, that when they lift their trusting gaze to new faces, they will find connection, respect and love.

Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to the awaiting adventures. Take good care of our babies. We are honoured to be their first stop in life. But it is a joy to watch them connect with their new families.

Once again a huge thank you to the talented Megan Casas of Images by Megan for the gorgeous shots




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