Grooming is essential A Golden Retriever is recognised by its beautiful golden coat however, they drop hair around the house all year round and when they are dropping undercoat huge chunks and volumes of hair will becoming out. So you will always be finding Golden Retriever hair on your furniture, on your carpet, on your clothes even in your food. Golden Retrievers love the outdoors especially when its muddy so on occasion don't be surprised to find dirty, wet and muddy paw prints in the house, so if you love a squeaky clean spotless house you will have your work cut out for you and this is something to keep in mind. This beautiful coat doesn't look after itself you will need to groom your golden at least 3 to 4 times a week and even every day when they are loosing their undercoat if you want to stop mats and knots in their coat.

So is a Golden Retriever the right dog for you? 

Don't get a Golden if you have a small home, must keep your home immaculately clean, prefer a sedentary lifestyle or are short on time or money. They shed a lot of hair all year round, require a lot of time for exercise and are a 10 to 15 year commitment of your time and money.
Golden Retrievers are adorable in their looks, temperament and personalities. The are a great family pet, life companion and friend, but you need to know and be prepared for what is involved with owning a Golden Retriever.

About Golden Retrievers

Is a Golden Retriever Right for you?

It’s no surprise that I, think Golden Retrievers are just about the best breed ever, but they are not for everyone! Please read our About Golden Retrievers article before getting a Golden Retriever as there are a few things to consider to see if a Golden Retriever is the right match for your family.

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